Monday, January 31, 2011

Strawberry Fields

Phheeeww! I got my January block posted just under the wire. Michele, you are a smart gal to always take the first month, everyone wants desperately not to fall behind right off the bat! Here is your block (I only made one so you could use the fabric I'm sending back to finish off some of the others that need a little more): I did have this fabric in my stash. Even made a store sample quilt from it, but not all of these colorways. I LOVE the strawberries...
One thing I always do with block exchange or Bee blocks, is sign them, on the back, on a seam allowance. It's a good way for the recipient to keep track of who made which block as they come back in the mail (and who knows, maybe someday, after I'm long gone, someone will come across this and wonder about the life of a quilter from Iowa who made that block in 2011)...Hey, it could happen.

Our blog has a new look, I finally got the block made I was wanting to use as a header, and added a button at the left for you to grab for your blog. Sorry it took me so long to get it accomplished!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

February’s Block for Michelle

For my blocks this month, I’m basing the pattern off the Nigella quilt by Amy Butler. Basically, I’m having you make a string block on a muslin foundation (times 4), and then centering a fussy cut piece on the string background.

I will have your fabrics in the mail this week, but wanted to write up the directions so that you have them available. You can click each picture to make it bigger.

The fabrics I’m sending out are from Tula Pink’s Parisville line. I’m a big Tula fan – her Flutterby line was the first “designer” fabric I ever purchased, and I’ve been smitten with her bold use of color and her innovative (and sometimes hidden) patterns in her fabrics ever since! For this block, I’m using the Cameo print as my focus/center fabric.


Anywho, I’m including four 9.5” squares of muslin and a bunch of pieces of various widths – please feel free to cut each string to an unfinished size of 3/4” or wider. Most of my strings in the sample above where around the 2” mark. For the steps below, I recommend chain piecing the 4 blocks to make things go a bit faster.

On each muslin piece, I’ve drawn a line 2.5” from the center. This is where you place your first “string” right side up, which should be at least 2” wide.


Place a 2nd strip right side down on the 1st strip, lining up the edge. Make sure the string is long enough to cover the entire muslin piece when it gets ironed open.

Slide3 Continue until the entire muslin piece is covered. Try to get a variety of prints and colors on each block.


Trim the blocks up using the muslin as your guide.

Sew the four blocks together with the plain muslin part toward the middle (of course, yours won’t look so symmetrical with the color placement – please mix it up a bit!):


Fold your focus/centerpiece fabric evenly in both directions to determine the center point (feel free to iron in a crease if that helps you get it lined up.

Center the fold lines on the seam lines of the four block pieces and pin in place. Using a coordinating thread (I used a hot pink on mine that matched the color in the print perfectly, so feel free to use color if you have it), sew a 1/8” raw edge around the edge of the centerpiece. If your machine has any fun stitches, please feel free to jazz up the edge stitching!

If you have any questions or concerns, just shoot me an email!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

January block for Michele

I can't believe I don't own any of these fabrics -- I have previous ones from Sandi Henderson, but not these fun prints. Glad to get to play with them for Michele's January block. I made one full block and one smaller that hopefully Michele can add a few more strips to -- I ran out of fabric but I ALMOST got there. Hope you like them when they arrive, Michele!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Carla's Blocks for Michele

Here you go Michele!  It was fun getting to sew on these lovely Meadowsweet fabrics in them midst of winter weather. They are headed south tomorrow!
As an introduction, since I'm new to the OBO Bee, I'll say that exchanging blocks and getting to know other likeminded quilters is a favorite of mine. I belong to a few other Bees and such and have made some nice friends via the internet as well as blogging at
I've been married to my college honey for almost 38 years now. I have 3 grown children with families who all live close by.  I love playing with my 6 grandchildren and am always making a quilt for one of them it seems like.  I earned a degree in Home Economics Education a million years ago but never really held a teaching job. I worked for the County Public Library for 14 years, retiring from that about 5 years ago. My husband and I live in the country outside of Kansas City. If any of you are ever in the area, I'd love to meet you up close and personal! I'm looking forward to sewing with you all over the next year.
aka: Lolly to my grandies

January Blocks for Michelle

I learned a lot doing this block. Let me share:
1. Read the directions.
2. Read the directions...again.
3. Follow directions.

I didn't realize it was a wonky log cabin until halfway through the first block. Then, I forgot to add the blue strip in the second block. I'm a hot mess!
Anyway - loved this fabric! Loved how these blocks turned out - even if not the wonkiest...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Log Cabins for Michele

Ah… my first blocks for this bee for the wonderful Michele! I must have received the right amount of fabric, as I definitely have leftovers!


I had the perfect opportunity to throw the selvage into the center of one of the blocks:


Michele, I will send out as soon I get my fabric sorted out for February! :)

This post also reminded me of what a pain blogger can be with uploading photos! I would recommend you check out Windows Live Writer – it’s a lot more intuitive (more like Microsoft office products) and easier to arrange photos.  Live Writer works for both blogger and my own self-hosted Wordpress blog.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Block and a "Nice to Meetcha"

Hi there! I'm Andrea over at the little collection and new to One Block Over this year. (Yipeeee!) I'm looking forward to sewing with you all and getting to know some new quilty bloggers!

Kicking it off with January's blocks...

Michele's little package of fabric was waiting for me when I got home Saturday, so this little gal was done by Saturday night.

(Love the fabric for the center medallion!)

When I saw Linda's post, I decided to see if I could squeeze a second block out of what was left but figured I better plan carefully. Like Victoria, I had to do a little extra piecing of bits and crumbs to make it work, but it did!

The blocks and scraps (minus just a smidgen of that sweet strawberry fabric, I must admit) are all on their way home to you. Hope you like them both!

A Fairy Tale House for Nettie

Goodness!  This December 2010 block is so hard to part with!  I want to put a border around it, add piping, and then sew it into a pillow cover to put on my bed.  If my daughter was young, I would definitely want to make the little house quilt that inspired Nettie.  So darling! 
So, ladies, I have completed the 2010 One Block Over Bee -- a little late, yes, but I am so pleased to have been part of the group.  The link there will take you to my own OBO flickr set where all the blocks I received in January 2010 and the ones I sewed throughout the year are listed.  I learned quite a bit about piecing blocks and going freestyle.  I also discovered the great quilting stitch options on my most awesome sewing machine.  Of course, the golden option was finding the 1/4" stitch that solved almost all my proper seam allowance problems just in time for the flying geese projects!  Thanks again for inviting me in last year (and this new year as well), Doris, and thanks X5 for the last half of the year members' patience as I got off track.  

Looking forward to 2011!  I'm already so thrilled about receiving back the Meadowsweet blocks.  I do believe I will hire out to get the sashing finished and then the quilting done soon, so I can enjoy this quilt both visually and snuggle-wise as I cozy up under it during the fall/winter of 2011! -- michele    

String Blocks for Terri

Terri's August 2010 blocks are complete!  After misplacing Terri's envelope and having to hunt through my fall paperwork (!), there it was on top of October's receipt box.  String blocks are just so much fun, and this is such a great set of fabrics.  The hardest part is trying not to think through the placement of the strips and to just go for it! -- michele 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Two More

Hi! I am Meredith from Quilt Threads. Here are my two Blocks for Michelle. I will send back the left over fabric with the blocks. I hope you like them this is my first time in an online bee. Looking forward to a fun year with everyone.

M's blocks

Here you go Michelle!  I had to piece a few extra bits to make the 
second block But I don't think you can tell unless you look for it...  

Have fun with these!  Bright and cheery!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Michele's Wonky Log Cabin Blocks

Here you go, Michele. Your instruction and fabrics arrived in Saturday's mail, so I started sewing right away. That's because:

  1. I want everyone to like me because I make your blocks in a timely manner. (Please remember to continue to like me toward the end of 2011.)
  2. This is my very first cyber-bee, so I want to put my best foot forward.
  3. Like everyone, I have a lot on my must-finish-this-month list, and this "One Block Over" takes priority. (If that approach doesn't make everyone like me, I don't know what will!)
  4. The Michael Miller "Meadowsweet" fabric line by Sandi Henderson is so pretty I was excited to see them sewn together into a block.
  5. Sewing the block while drinking a glass of wine would help me make "wonky" blocks which is otherwise contrary to my nature.
To top off that impressive list, I decided to make two blocks for you Michele.

Easy to do when chain-piecing, right? In the end it was a problem. I didn't have enough fabric to make either block to your unfinished size of 14-1/2"! Each one is about 13" X 13". Goodness! Maybe being the first person to sew blocks makes one a guinea pig, huh?

Michele, I'm not sure whether it was poor planning on my part to make two blocks simultaneously, or whether I was just a bit overzealous, but my apologies for returning two incomplete blocks to you. Unless you let me know of another way to fix this, I'll put the blocks and all the left over pieces into Monday's mail. Hopefully you have saved some long strips and can attach one or two to each block to make it the finished size.

Well, have I made any new friends yet?!
Linda in Iowa

Friday, January 7, 2011

January 2011 - Patchy Log Cabin Block

The packages of fabric for the January 2011 block went out in the mail on Wednesday and may be arriving today.  Not knowing really how to divide up so many of the Meadowsweet designs, the baggies are a bit overloaded!  

During the 2010 bee, my favorite block was the February patchy log cabin we made, so I decided to go with that design for myself this year.  At the top of the post is the completed block I made last year, as I haven't made one with the Meadowsweet yet.  Included in the packages coming your way is a letter spelling out my hopes for the block.  
Please do keep the strips a rectangle shape with straight sides no wider than 3.5".  To keep one common theme running through all the blocks, I sent you one strip of turquoise cotton that is approximately 2.25" wide and one strip of lime cotton that is approximately 1.5" wide (the dimensions are from memory, don't hold me to it!).  What I thought would be great is to have each of you add one strip of each color to the block, one placed in a horizontal position and one placed in a vertical position.  It doesn't matter where you place the strip -- well, please keep it inside the block and not as a final piece -- or which ring it is on, just so one is going one way and one the other way somewhere in the block.  Photo example above. 

I plan to sash between the blocks maybe with the turoquoise or go with a pink that is a common color in the Meadowsweet line.  I so love this fabric set.  I'm all about sharing fabric, and if you wish to keep a piece or two from the set you receive, please do.  Otherwise, please send back what you don't use, as I need to be sure I have enough to piece any last blocks and just because I love it so and want it home with me in my humongous stash! 

Please contact me if you have any questions.  -- michele

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A fun house

Those were some of the best scraps ever. 

I really wanted to add a chicken to the yard, but she just didn't fit.  12.5" sneaks up on you super fast in a block like this!

My First House Block

I am happy to be caught up with the last block of 2010. Nettie, you sent the cutest selection of fabric scraps, which are going to make quite an adorable fairy tale-themed quilt.

I've never made a wonky house block, or even a house block, so this was a good challenge for me. Since I don't do a lot of wonky sewing, I hope this is wonky enough for Nettie's taste. That's the beauty of quilting bees, I love trying new techniques that I wouldn't normally try on my own.

Monday, January 3, 2011

House for Nettie

Nettie, I finally made your little house. What a FUN tutorial! This will be such a great, whimsical quilt. I hope mine plays well with the others!

wonky house block

And with that, I *believe* I'm all caught up with this Bee, save for the fabric yet to arrive for this month. Please correct me if you're still missing anything from me.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Modern Meadow Rings in a Block

The Modern Meadow patterns are so beautiful!  I enjoyed coordinating the fabrics for the rings and was sorry when room ran out and I had to stop.  Liz, if I didn't have three more 2010 blocks to go, I would definitely have put another one together.  The package will be on the way to you Monday.  I know this finished quilt will be fantastic. -- michele    

A Thangled Shoofly - Still on 2010

The bad thing about being the January 2011 block gal is I'm still finishing up the 2010 bee!  I feel like I shouldn't send out packages until I've met the goal.  So, here is my Thangled Shoofly for Angie.  I really enjoyed using it, and my block came out pretty perfect.  Well, one block came out perfect.  I should have practiced on my own fabric first, Angie, because I cut the solid into too many squares on my first cuts and didn't have enough to thangle another set.  So one finished block and the rest of the pieces are on the way home to you Monday.  Hope you haven't made your quilt yet!  -- michele