Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January Blocks for Michelle

I learned a lot doing this block. Let me share:
1. Read the directions.
2. Read the directions...again.
3. Follow directions.

I didn't realize it was a wonky log cabin until halfway through the first block. Then, I forgot to add the blue strip in the second block. I'm a hot mess!
Anyway - loved this fabric! Loved how these blocks turned out - even if not the wonkiest...


  1. Oh, no, they are perfect! I regretted using the "wonky" term on my first post and renamed it a patchy log cabin. I really do like the more uniform, straight strips. Great job, Andie, and your package arrived yesterday! -- michele

  2. Okay - good! I haven't mailed mine yet - is it the other Andrea? I'm Andrea, too, but I go by Andie. Andie's my stage name. (giggle)