Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Carla's Blocks for Michele

Here you go Michele!  It was fun getting to sew on these lovely Meadowsweet fabrics in them midst of winter weather. They are headed south tomorrow!
As an introduction, since I'm new to the OBO Bee, I'll say that exchanging blocks and getting to know other likeminded quilters is a favorite of mine. I belong to a few other Bees and such and have made some nice friends via the internet as well as blogging at www.lollyquiltz.blogspot.com
I've been married to my college honey for almost 38 years now. I have 3 grown children with families who all live close by.  I love playing with my 6 grandchildren and am always making a quilt for one of them it seems like.  I earned a degree in Home Economics Education a million years ago but never really held a teaching job. I worked for the County Public Library for 14 years, retiring from that about 5 years ago. My husband and I live in the country outside of Kansas City. If any of you are ever in the area, I'd love to meet you up close and personal! I'm looking forward to sewing with you all over the next year.
aka: Lolly to my grandies

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  1. Lolly! A very nice grandma name. Thank you, too, for the double block blessing. With so many blocks coming my way, I don't think I'll have too much work to do to get this quilt together!

    Looking forward to spending time checking out your blog, too, and seeing what other bee projects you are up to. -- michele