Thursday, July 28, 2011

2.5 Times Around the Block for Terri

Hello everyone, and happy summer!

This is the block I would love to have your help making for the month of August, which I'm calling the 2.5 Times Around the Block. It's made from half-square triangles and fabrics from the Garden Party collection.
I will be sending out kits with either 18 red squares and a mixed pile of 18 print squares, or

18 teal squares and a mixed pile of 18 print squares.
I drew two diagrams to show you how to arrange the half-square triangles once all 36 are sewn together.
I wrote a tutorial for making the block, which I will post as soon as I mail out your kits. I will also include a sheet of instructions in your kit so you don't have to print a photo-heavy tutorial.

If you have any fabrics left over (if I provided you with more than 36 squares), I would greatly appreciate it if you could send them back. I had to scrape the bottom of my stash to come up with enough to make 12 blocks from this one collection. If you're not able to make your block, I am also more than happy to take your kit back, since I don't have any extra fabrics to make up for missing blocks.

Thanks SO much everyone for your help. Hope you have fun with this one.

Blocks for Doris

I made Doris's blocks yesterday. When it was sunny. I took the pics today. When it was not. :-)

Fun blocks to make! Really made me appreciate scrappiness. I'll mail these out by this weekend, Doris.

Happy stitching everyone!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Doris, I sent your block off today!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting Caught Up

Nothing feels better than getting caught up! When I have two months of bee blocks sitting on my sewing table, it's time for me to get focused!

I loved piecing Doris' block - just my style. This was such a cool star block to put together, especially with a great selection of cool fabrics.
I'm happy with the block I made for Andrea, so I hope you like it too, Andrea. It was a challenge for me because the piecing and construction were a different style than what I normally do.
I didn't make a block that was a literal interpretation of the picture you sent me, which I hope was okay. I wanted to, but there weren't any green fabrics in my kit, so I wasn't sure how you felt about green. I loved having the photo for inspiration, which I used as a general guide to putting the pieces together.

August is my turn to send out kits, so I'm working on block instructions and cutting fabrics to mail out in the next week or two. I came up with an idea that includes fabrics from my all-time favorite fabric designer so I'm excited to have you all help me make this quilt!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Andrea’s Block

Playing catch up from June… I’m not sure why I waited so long, I wasn’t particularly nervous about this block, even though I don’t really free piece very often.

The Ton Shulten inspiration photo Andrea sent included a house, which I very much wanted to include in my block.  I did add in the red fabric that the house is constructed from, it just seemed to make sense.  I also tried to add in curved piecing on some of the landscape, which is harder than it looks when one is determined to piece a block without using pins! Winking smile

Anywho, Andrea, I hope you like your block, which is currently winging its way back across these United States as I type.