Thursday, July 28, 2011

2.5 Times Around the Block for Terri

Hello everyone, and happy summer!

This is the block I would love to have your help making for the month of August, which I'm calling the 2.5 Times Around the Block. It's made from half-square triangles and fabrics from the Garden Party collection.
I will be sending out kits with either 18 red squares and a mixed pile of 18 print squares, or

18 teal squares and a mixed pile of 18 print squares.
I drew two diagrams to show you how to arrange the half-square triangles once all 36 are sewn together.
I wrote a tutorial for making the block, which I will post as soon as I mail out your kits. I will also include a sheet of instructions in your kit so you don't have to print a photo-heavy tutorial.

If you have any fabrics left over (if I provided you with more than 36 squares), I would greatly appreciate it if you could send them back. I had to scrape the bottom of my stash to come up with enough to make 12 blocks from this one collection. If you're not able to make your block, I am also more than happy to take your kit back, since I don't have any extra fabrics to make up for missing blocks.

Thanks SO much everyone for your help. Hope you have fun with this one.

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  1. Hey, this was my second block of choice for my month! Excited to do it...