Monday, November 29, 2010

fun house


Nettie, I got your fabrics and had to jump right in and play today... 

I started out log cabin-ing, and then I went awry... 
(I tend to do that.) 
I hope this is OK... I had a lot of fun with it!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

december is my month!

i realize that december is a busy month for everyone, so i had big plans to send my fabric out early in november, but now december is a week away, and i still don't have them sent out.  i will have them shipped by the end of this week, i promise.  and please don't feel stressed about getting them done right away, there really is no rush.

i have been a fan of krommama's for a long time, and she is the "house expert".  I fell in love with this quilt and it is my inspiration!  I am asking for log cabin type houses, tutorial here.  I am a fan of SUBTLE wonky (how's that for subtle), less is more.  Feel free to follow the tutorial or do something else you like. 

You are welcome to add any fabric, but I'd like to stay away from brown and grey (black is fine).  I want it to be COLORFUL I am sending a 3 inch-ish square of fairy tale fabric that I would like you to use as the center.  You don't have to keep the 3 inch shape perfectly.

I would like the block you send me to be 12.5 inches. 

Thanks ladies, I can't wait to see what you come up with.  If you have questions, let me know.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cyclone Block for Doris

The Fall Cyclone block for Doris.  This was a really great challenge for me.  I don't think I totally understood what I was doing for most of the 3 hours I spent on the block.  Every time I pieced the next section, I just hoped really hard I had the fabric going in the correct direction.  It took three or four attempts to get sections 1 and 2 put together properly!  Stripping, Thangling, and Squaring Modern fabrics next ...    -- michele

Squares in a Square

I forgot to post pictures of the two square-in-a-square blocks I made for Liz. Since she requested square-in-a-square block, I was excited to try this tutorial from Anna Maria Horner.
I made one scrappy version, which was fun to make with all the great fabrics included my package.
I also made one matchy block just to see how different it might look.

Personally, I liked the scrappy version better, but I hope you like them both, Liz!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Playing catch-up...

Hanging my head in shame as the bee leader, having to admit I got two months behind. My apologies to Liz and Angela... these blocks may be in your mailboxes today already:
2 Thangles Shoo-Fly blocks for Angela

A Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow block for Liz

I really loved these blocks, so hard to part with after I made them. Can't wait to see your quilts ladies!

Now, for our followers out there, might you be interested in joining us n 2011? We are going to have 3-5 openings in this Bee starting in January 2011. If you want to be a part of One Block Over 2011, email me at schmitz(dot)doris(at)yahoo(dot)com.