Monday, August 1, 2011

~Love~ for Doris

I absolutely adore the retro-liciousness of this block! Love. It. This is the type of block that made me fall in love with quilts - scrappy, linear, symmetrical. Love, love, love it.

Every once in awhile, a project comes along that knocks me down a peg or two.  Just when I think that I'm a pretty good quilter - that is to say, a well-rounded sewist - I realize there are aspects of my "game" that need some.... tweaking.  My precision cutting and piecing are, shall I say, in need of some continuing education.

Doris, thank you for the opportunity to be reminded that when I'm feeling a tad smug about my skills, perhaps it's time to challenge myself to find out if my ego could use a smack down.


  1. HA! I love your post, it totally cracks me up, because I have been there, too! Thanks Andie, I'm really likin' the red & white!

  2. P.S., that red and grey floral is from my Grandma's vintage stash---smile.