Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gracious Love

Since I received Doris's swap fabs late in July, she allowed extra time for me make these blocks. We'll see each other at our August 17 Modern Quilt Guild meeting, so she's been gracious to wait for me to give them to her then. Such pretty prints. I'm a softie for the color aqua, in any shade or value.

Just to show that I'm not a slacker, Terri's fabrics arrived yesterday and her block is in the mailbox as I write this. All three blocks fill me with OBO love 'cause all three blocks have pretty fabrics. And half-square triangles. Lotsa HSTs.

So enough already with those precision blocks! How about a September block that's footloose? I'm getting parcels ready and I promise, no precision cutting or sewing! Linda


  1. Sounds good, Linda, and I'm loving the aqua love in this post, too! BTW, our meeting is August 18th!

  2. Just have to say that all your blocks look gorgeous! I love that you were able to make two for Doris as I'm sure she will appreciate that! I am so excited to see the first of my blocks already, especially with the teal contrast, since my example used the red. Thank you!