Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An August May

Amy's May Block

Trust me when I tell you I know how ridiculous I am!  Never more so than today when I opened Amy's envelope to sew up this "looks kind of hard" block only to find that she had already cut the pieces out for us and the block was sewn in about 30 minutes start to finish!  Geez!  I keep thinking I need to put aside an entire day to sew one block and then lose loads of time getting to it because I think I can't stop working! 
This block is so great and very simple.  I love it as much as the red cross block we made last year. 

Hope it isn't too late for your quilt, Amy.  If so, I can send embroidered panels in consolation.  I have a set to send out to Victoria because, sadly, I missed the boat in March, too.  June in September?  Not sure, but I'll try to speed it up.  Feel free to kick me in the blog bum, if necessary.  -- michele

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