Monday, January 17, 2011

Log Cabins for Michele

Ah… my first blocks for this bee for the wonderful Michele! I must have received the right amount of fabric, as I definitely have leftovers!


I had the perfect opportunity to throw the selvage into the center of one of the blocks:


Michele, I will send out as soon I get my fabric sorted out for February! :)

This post also reminded me of what a pain blogger can be with uploading photos! I would recommend you check out Windows Live Writer – it’s a lot more intuitive (more like Microsoft office products) and easier to arrange photos.  Live Writer works for both blogger and my own self-hosted Wordpress blog.


  1. What a nice addition/keepsake that selvage bit makes for Michele. You're so clever, Michelle!

  2. Clever and pretty! Thanks so much for doubling the block work and for the blog-writing suggestion. I've been thinking about switching away from blogger for those types of frustrations! -- michele

  3. Very nice! You can also switch back to the old version of blogger which removes many of the pains....