Saturday, January 8, 2011

Michele's Wonky Log Cabin Blocks

Here you go, Michele. Your instruction and fabrics arrived in Saturday's mail, so I started sewing right away. That's because:

  1. I want everyone to like me because I make your blocks in a timely manner. (Please remember to continue to like me toward the end of 2011.)
  2. This is my very first cyber-bee, so I want to put my best foot forward.
  3. Like everyone, I have a lot on my must-finish-this-month list, and this "One Block Over" takes priority. (If that approach doesn't make everyone like me, I don't know what will!)
  4. The Michael Miller "Meadowsweet" fabric line by Sandi Henderson is so pretty I was excited to see them sewn together into a block.
  5. Sewing the block while drinking a glass of wine would help me make "wonky" blocks which is otherwise contrary to my nature.
To top off that impressive list, I decided to make two blocks for you Michele.

Easy to do when chain-piecing, right? In the end it was a problem. I didn't have enough fabric to make either block to your unfinished size of 14-1/2"! Each one is about 13" X 13". Goodness! Maybe being the first person to sew blocks makes one a guinea pig, huh?

Michele, I'm not sure whether it was poor planning on my part to make two blocks simultaneously, or whether I was just a bit overzealous, but my apologies for returning two incomplete blocks to you. Unless you let me know of another way to fix this, I'll put the blocks and all the left over pieces into Monday's mail. Hopefully you have saved some long strips and can attach one or two to each block to make it the finished size.

Well, have I made any new friends yet?!
Linda in Iowa


  1. Linda! What a surprise. The blocks are just beautiful. You know, my fabric motto is "more is more," so I do have a good bit of the fabric here at home and can finish the last rounds. Uh, your list instructions of "be timely" pricks hot at my conscience, and I'm totally blushing with a couple of 2010 blocks left to sew. I may need some of that wine to calm down now. Thanks again. The fabrics look great together! -- michele

  2. Lovely, and I'm sure Michele won't mind that they aren't quite "finished", as she got TWO blocks!