Monday, January 11, 2010

Shooting Star for Michele

edit: Michele asked, and so thought I would just link here in case anybody else needed to know - I learned how to make the Maverick Stars from this tutorial. They're fun and turn out awesome every time. To do it off center, just make all your white base squares the size you want and go as normal from there.

As is my thing, I have more white in this than others. The pinwheel is only 2" instead of four, and I set it off center to allow for longer wonky star points on two sides. I thought that vine print made an awesome shooting star out of my wonky creation! The adorable little bird is pointing the way. I hope you like it Michele!

Heather is way on top of things, I already got her package. I love these greens and blues!


  1. i LOVE what you did with this angela, it's wonderful!

  2. Wonderful! Who knew you could get a "shooting star" out of that! Maybe you could post about or e-mail me how you made the wonky star points. I'd love to know rather than figure it out! Also, if you look at the block I made, I fussy cut the larger bird to look out the side as well. It's so pretty, but I couldn't fit a whole one in.
    -- michele

  3. Angela, This looks fabulous! You rock!

  4. LOVE your interpretation! Sometimes I think I'm too literal with instructions... :-)

    Liz @ teeny tiny quilts

  5. Hi,

    I just discovered you and really like this star. Thanks so much for the instructions; I've copied it into a Word document so I can make some.

    BTW - your banner is very pretty :)

  6. Keep the cute blocks coming. Oh, and LOVE that blue/green fabric in the bottom photo.... YUM!

  7. LOVE Love the pinwheel in the center of the star. I am going to have to wonky it and try it out. Love your blog! Em