Wednesday, January 13, 2010

looking ahead...

Heather! Your on the ball for Feb! Woohoo! This is good! It gives those who are far away enough snail mail time! Just a note to say I have your fabrics already... Fun stuff.

I've been having the hardest time trying to decide which I block I want for MARCH... If you can believe it, I've started three quilts in the process of coming up with the right project...!!!

Then today my Quilter's Newsletter (feb/march issue page 56) came in the mail with this Hawaii Sunset Quilt on the cover... And it just did me in...Love flying geese, love 9 patches, and it's most likely not a quilt I would ever make on my own (that's a good thing) which means you ladies get to help motivate me...

So if you have this magazine, HOLD on to it... Because I will use this block for March.
I love it!! And! I have enough fabrics, that I don't have to go buy more! (drat!) ;-)

I'm posting this now, so i will stop racking my brain over this, now I can't change my mind!!

It's been fun so far seeing what everyone comes up with... Happy Sewing!

(p.s.-- Don't worry, I cut most of the pieces for the march block...
so you'll get pieces ready to sew...)


  1. That looks like a fabulous choice for a block. It will make a spectacular quilt.

  2. Oh, my goodness! That will definitely be a challenge for me! Love those jeweled-tone fabrics.

  3. wow, what a block...feel free to send it early if you want.

  4. i love what you have going on with my block. i see a green with blue little dotsish and i didn't think anyone besides me had that. i know it sounds stupid but i didn't. love the quilt for march. a challenge is always good!!

  5. I'm loving what I see of Heather's block...and totally coveting your March quilt before the fabric is even sent out!! Lovely, V!

  6. Also,Please have no fears for that march block as I am cutting out the blocks for all those flying geese!! I have a huge stack of fabrics, so some of it may come to you cut out and ready to assemble.... :-).