Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Michele's block

Here's your Block Michele! I hope I got it right...
me and patterns don't always mix well!
I did have to play a little... had to wonky it up a little on the pinwheel...
Are we adding the sashing borders? that was my only question...

fun fun fun!~


  1. Love the pinwheel, Victoria! This is so pretty...

  2. That's cute... wonkiness and all!

  3. Cool! I love how you put this together. Always fun to see the first one!

  4. Oh, wow! Oh, wow! It's beautiful!!! I'm so surprised and thrilled that one of the squares has already been made.

    Sashing: I thought I would have to do that part myself. The green fabric is here ready to sash when the squares arrive home.

    -- michele