Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Misty Love Quilt

Doris can now complete her Love in the Mist quilt, if she hasn't already filled in my block spot yet!  This one is heading up to Iowa as I write.  Trimming out the half-square triangles to perfect 2.5" blocks was the most difficult part for me, but, otherwise, the block moved along pretty easily.  Until editing the photo just now, I really couldn't see the center star while so close up to the work.  Under the lights and cropped to photo presentation, though, I am always amazed to find I can actually put together such a pretty piece after all the drama I feel getting to the final point!  Your quilt will be gorgeous, Doris. 


  1. That is such a pretty block. I love the center star.

  2. Thanks dear!! Maybe this will be my New Year's quilt, finished up over my holiday break...

  3. Michele, I received your block on Saturday, thank you very much...looking forward to piecing this one together! THANKS EVERYONE!!!!