Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I was finally able to get Megan's fun Cake block done! 

Too bad that I procrastinated so long, because I took a nasty spill on my stairs 10 days ago that resulted in a broken hand. UGH!
SOOOOOOOOOOOO...........working with one good (right--yea!) hand and one not-so-good-left hand........

 plus a perfectly good left elbow to hold down my rulers, I  goterdone! Since i was on such a roll and loving it so, I went ahead and made one more for good measure.....
 Only after I was finished did I re-read the directions about using the Kona solid that was included! Argh! If the yellow background on the second block doesn't work for you, Megan, maybe you can use it on the back somehow.
 Sorry about that...guess the fall affected my brain too! I will include the blocks in the envelope with my November bird fabric, Megan. Can't wait to see your finished quilt!

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  1. Very cute blocks, sorry to hear about your hand!