Saturday, June 25, 2011

I plunged in!

It's finished! I'm happy and relieved to have made your block, Andrea. As you know, it's given me consternation since I first opened the envelope and pulled out your instructions. But I took the plunge.
Unfinished, it measures 12-3/4" X 15-1/4". An odd size, yes? But hopefully one you can cut down, if needed, to puzzle into place.

This block was completely outside my comfort zone, so I'm feeling a wee bit smug about about having made it. And to think... some people actually - gasp! - like making this sort of thing! (giggle)

Pleased with myself, Linda


  1. You should be! The block looks great. I better find where I put my fabric for this one.

  2. Great job, Linda, I love it!

  3. Linda! You have the knack, my friend! I guess that I will take the plunge this week too...keep your fingers crossed!

  4. This block is just AWESOME!!! Especially love that two-tone triangle. Yeah!!!