Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shameless Begging

Hello friends,

I'm writing today to enlist your support (aka - votes) for my designs in the Accuquilt Barn Quilt contest. I read the rules carefully when the contest entered, and it didn't say anything about only one entry per person, so I submitted 2 designs, both of which are included in the top 100 finalists! I chose the designs I did based on their relative simplicity, with the thought that you should be able to get the full effect of the design from several hundred feet away. The "ooh!" factors comes in with the rainbow colors.

I'm extremely humbled to be included as a finalist (and excited - this is pretty cool). Anyway, I'm hoping you'll be kind enough to give me a "thumbs up" at the voting site - just search for "Michelle" on the page, and that's me!

I would love to win for a couple of reasons - I grew up in rural Nebraska, and I would love to see barn quilts covering the places I loved as a kid. And, if you aren't entirely aware, the Accuquilt headquarters are located in Fremont, NE (which I've been to and through many a time), and I would love a trip to visit the headquarters! Seriously, how many people do you know that WANT to go to Nebraska?? Well, I will always think of it as home, even though Los Angeles is now my home - I'm always game for a trip back (and I would be able to see my mama in the process, and maybe the in-laws).

Thank you for your support! <3 Michelle :)


  1. I'm loving that second one... I hadn't heard of this contest, I'm off to check it out! And, hey, Material Girls is in NE, and I can't wait for an excuse to go there!!!

  2. Love the second one too, but both are yummy. Going to vote right now....

  3. How does one vote? Is it only through Facebook? I don't Facebook (on purpose).

  4. Those are awesome! I just started playing with my Accuquilt today. Which die is the top design?

  5. I posted the link for voting on my guild's FB page. Even though I didn't beg for votes, I made sure I shamelessly plugged you!

  6. I love the second design and I want to turn it into a quilt!!! Beautiful.