Monday, April 4, 2011

February and March...Finally

Although everyone's blocks got sent in (or hand delivered) at the end of their respective months, other projects (like getting ready for our local guild show, yippeeee!) kept me distracted from posting. Argh! But finally, here's sharing with the rest of you!

First, Michelle's...

These crazy ladies with their unbelievable hairstyles made me laugh. I fell in love with some of the other fabrics though and really like how the block turned out.

I used one of my decorative stitches in the applique, too! (Thanks for the suggestion, Michelle!)

And Victoria's....

I agree with some of the rest of you. First time paper piecing was tricky. It took a round or two to really figure out the tricks. Hope V doesn't mind that one of the petals includes a fair amount of WHITE. Thought since it was Jennifer Paganelli fabric (one of her favorite's), maybe she'd forgive.

Inspired by my newfound paper piecing skills, I decided to try it on a bigger scale with a round robin at the Metro Mod guild. Bigger was a whole new challenge, but I like how it turned out!

(The body of the quilt -- with all the vertical rectangles -- was done by another quilter in the group before it came to me. I added the top part.) Thanks V for another skill added to the quilting repertoire!

Excited to work on those new star blocks! Checking the mail with anticipation. :)


  1. Well you know Andrea... as long as you said Jennifer Paganelli, I'm so OK with that white... ;-)
    Paper piecing is always a mind game when you start,but look where you JUMPED too after one soiree into paper piece play! Good grief girl that addition to David's Quilt is Stunning...YOU ROCK! thank you for today... You are a true pal! I'm grateful and appreciate you!

  2. LOVE that you took the paper piecing to a new project! And what a great idea to add to another's quilt for your guild - great exchange of creative energy and creativity! I wanna move to NYC....