Thursday, February 24, 2011

Parisville and a favorite tool

I made Michelle's block last night.  I used one of my favorite notions/tools, Fork Pins!
I call them fork pins, but I think the commercial name for them is U-pins.  They come in this little blue box, and are used to pin seams, to keep your seam lines or points lined up as you sew your seam.  You can safely sew over them, because they are even finer than glass head straight pins.  
You place the pin through the seam allowances on both ides of your seam....
Sew your seam without removing the pin (you can remove it just before you sew over that area, if you really can't make yourself sew over a pin), and voila!  Perfectly matched seams:
Loving Tula Pink's Parisville line, gorgeous colors and prints (even though the center medallion fabric kind of freaks me out--it appears to be a woman's head being devoured by a lion...), and what fun to incorporate some of our fancy stitches!


  1. I've seen those fork pins, Doris - and now I think I'll have to get some, look how perfect that seam is! (and nice macro shot on your camera, lol) And of course,the block looks great also!

  2. Nicely done, Doris. Thanks for the U-pin tip. I can't wait to make this block for Michelle too.

  3. Beautiful block and great info! Thanks.

  4. Where would one buy these clever fork pins?

  5. Never mind - just found them on Connecting Threads. Ordering now. Thanks, Doris!