Saturday, February 19, 2011



Hi ladies! I nearly forgot I had March!! 
I am putting this up early so I don't forget , and will get 
the fabrics in the mail next week.  I've already started making a 
2011 Xmas quilt for myself,
and figured it would be a fun block for you to try as well...

6" x 5" rectangle
6"is the base, 5" is the height
Mark off from 6" to 3" from both sides to make your template triangle.
then with a  pen draw your sewing lines 2" to point from both sides

It's EASY, there is a trick.
You DO NOT HAVE TO MATCH YOUR POINTS! You will be trimming of a 1/2" off the point and leaving a circle OPENING under the darker red applique circle. again, there are NO POINTS
to match, and is pretty much the same block as Michelle's.

Here's the what to do.
I am sending you the triangle papers for piecing...

 I will send you the SOLID RED pieces, 
if you could please dig through your stash or scraps to cut
ALL different greens if possible - 

9- 2.5" X 6" GREEN rectangles.... 
Bright greens, no novelty prints unless they are Christmas-y

USING a SMALL stitch length, and a 1/4" seam allowance,
(about a 2 stitch length is good, so the paper tears off easily later)

 paper piece,
3 - red green red


3- green red green

trim up your triangles of excess fabrics...

then trim the point off the triangle, 
so that your block is 4.25" high

We won't be needing that bulk, 
and you don't have to worry 
about your points matching!  woohoo!

(FYI: this will leave you with a whole in the middle...
I will need that later...)

Sew them together using a 1/4 seam, alternating colors....
so it goes red green red green all the way around....
There will be an OPENING in the center... because you cut off that 1/2"...
that's what we want here...
you will then,

Machine applique enclosed circle, 
with either a blanket stitch or zigzag, 
in red if possible.
PLEASE Don't trim out the extra fabric behind the circle... I will stuff it...later.


Thanks Ladies!

Send me any questions you have... 
I will get the red in the mail this week...

Michelle, Your block is in the mail Tuesday... fun!


  1. cool block for March, Victoria, but it looks kinda hard!

  2. It's the same concept as michelle's block... Just not piecing it on linen...
    If you want me to send you the papers, then I will...

  3. Victoria: Always the challenger! I haven't forgot last year's block! However, I remember, once I got started, things moved right along. At least there aren't 96 pieces!

    Michele (the exclaimer this evening)

  4. This is not a hard block my friends... Trust me...

  5. I hope I didn't sound like I was whining. I should have typed "this block looks like a great challenge." (lol!) I'm up for it!

  6. After tearing out a couple seams already, I need more help! I do paper piecing once a year... for this Bee. The instructions don't say how to lay out the fabrics to sew the first line so they cover the small triangle areas per your sample in the pictures.

  7. Terri, I'll send you another tutorial when I get back home...
    Tonight.... Sorry this isn't clear for you...