Friday, July 2, 2010

Cyclone Doris?

Sorry, Doris, I couldn't resist. I really enjoyed making this block. I had to keep checking myself to make sure I was putting the colors in the right places -- even doubting myself after looking at Angela's block. This is going to be such a beautiful quilt!! I can't wait to see it. No pressure. ;-)


  1. For everybody else, I would suggest marking or color coding the numbers in some way. I wrote a "p" for print and 's' for solid on each of the numbered sections. That way I was sure I was placing the correct fabric. There is NOTHING WORSE than picking out tiny paper-pieced stitches!

  2. Like, Hurricane Doris? Every year I hope for my name to come up on that list. I have since I was about four and first heard of naming tropical storms!

    Thanks Amy! And Angela, great tip about marking your paper areas, I've used a little colored pencil to keep my pieces straight before, too!