Tuesday, December 29, 2009

glad to be here!

thanks so much for inviting me into this bee, doris. i'm so happy to be part of the group. i know some of you and i'm looking forward to getting to know the rest of you. i'm jacquie and i blog at tallgrass prairie studio. i've been sewing pretty much since i was a little kid, but i only started quilting two years ago. i quit my job (i was tired of traveling the country) and took out my old singer and let those pent up creative juices flow. i love modern quilts and improvisation. i rarely use a pattern when i quilt. i grab some fabric and my rotary cutter and i'm off and running.

i recently moved back to the country from kansas city. we live on 100 acres about an hour outside of the city. my house sits on top of a hill and i'm surrounded by trees on all sides. (just in case you think all of kansas is flat and treeless) my hubby and i are recent empty nesters with one son in college in st. paul and the other working for warner brothers records traveling the country and the world with 'the devil wears prada.'

bruno, a lovely black lab who we adopted recently is my quilting buddy. i can't wait to receive michele's fabric and get started. it wouldn't be a blog post for me without a picture or two, so i'll leave you with some of my favorites from 2009.

'orange crush'

'not lost in the woods'

'wonderland garden'

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  1. I always love your quilts, Jacquie, and am amazed that you have been quilting for such a short period of time.