Friday, December 31, 2010

Popping In To Say Hello!

Hiya girls! I'm Michelle, one of the newbies for 2011. I'm bloggy friends with Michele, so I started following this VQB- and am most excited to join your ranks this time around!

I blog over at ~Michelle's Musings~ so you can spy on my happenings over there. For a quick intro, I'm nearly 29 and live with my hubs & 2 fur children in sunny Los Angeles. But lest you think I'm a city girl, I was born & raised in rural Nebraska, and spent my college years as a Cyclone (which I think Doris & Linda may appreciate). My hubs works in aerospace, which is how we wound up in LA. I'm a CPA, but that doesn't mean I do taxes... I was a (financial statement) auditor, and now I'm an accounting manager for a small furniture distributor. I really started quilting in mid-2008, so I think I'm past the honeymoon phase and this little hobby of mine is going to stick. I'm a great project starter and a poor finisher, which I why I like these bees - a block a month is perfect for my attention span and limited time!

I'm looking forward to working with y'all! :)

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  1. It's wonderful to meet you, Michelle! So we can be friends, I'll forgive you for being a Cyclone. DH is a Panther, so that makes me one too by virtue of my job that helped pay for his education.

    Though I'm considerably older (57) and have been quilting since 1976, I too am a newbie to this group. I consider it an honor to be included, and can't wait to start sewing for everyone.