Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Geese Galore!

I love flying geese, but, Victoria, I have to admit...your's nearly drove me crazy! Maybe it was not knowing the exact finished size, maybe it was not having cut the pieces out myself, maybe it was just my frame of mind the day I decided to piece them, but lordy, those little units threw me for a loop! It looks good now, but you will see when you get the block there was some "unsewing" and "re-sewing" that had to take place to get it as square as it is, which I still feel is less than my usual caliber of work.

Looking forward to getting Jacquie's April package!


  1. I'm feeling the same way, Doris. I did replace the corner fabrics as the fabric piece was too small...hopefully, Victoria, it won't be too bad. Mine went out in the mail today.

  2. I have made 8 of them myself and the others that came in are just fine.. Don't worry...
    They will be fine... :-)

    that's why I included extras on the geese....
    Sorry dome of you are frustrated... If you don't want to do it, feel free to just send it back... No

  3. Of course we want to do it! It's a great challenge, and it is only one block. I'm 3.5 hours into one block, though, with just the geese strips left to arrange around the square. It will be wonderful to see them all together! -- michele

  4. I finished mine today, too! I'll let you do the final square on it.

  5. i'm hoping to get my fabric out to everyone this weekend...fingers crossed!